Monthly Archives: January 2009

How do you define a word?

Ask a dozen people what “market” means and you’ll get several different answers.  But where do you draw the line between advertising liberty and just plain exaggeration.  I arrived in Boston last night for a week of training.  I’m staying at the Courtyard Marriott on Tremont Street.  I was excited to see they listed a 24-hour market in the lobby when I made my reservation.  Having stayed in Toronto, San Francisco, and Philadelphia that have urban markets like DiBruno Brothers Deli, a market would be a great feature.

After checking in and getting to my room I had some time to relax.  The room is very nice; wonderfully decorated and very clean.  The parking garage out the window isn’t very exciting, but I’m not planning to sit by the window and watch the sunset.  The bathroom is very large with a walk in shower and steamy hot water, mostly steam all the way to the “H”.

Feeling refreshed after the drive from Rochester to Boston, I decided to go down and get some dinner and pick up some breakfast items at the market.  As I stepped off the elevator I saw a sign for the “Market” but there wasn’t an arrow in either direction. I quickly realized that the “Market” was a closet next to the sign.  As it turns out they took a small closet, installed shelves on two walls, and a bottle cooler on the third.

Most of the items didn’t have prices on them, but I wasn’t really prepared to explore the neighborhood at 9pm, looking for a grocery store, so I picked up a couple minimal items to get me by until the next day.  As it turns out, there are several stores within 3 blocks of the hotel.  I suggest that the Marriott marketing folks should be required to do all their shopping at the “Market” and see if they realize where they went wrong.