Monthly Archives: April 2011

Finding time to write

I wouldn’t be much good a blogging with the infrequency at which I keep up this site but I think I have an new theory. ¬†While I was traveling on holiday in France and Spain I thought about how my grandfather would have loved to be on just such a journey. ¬†When he retired, he read all sorts of books about the world and would discuss them with me but never got to travel to the places he’d read about.

When my grandfather passed away, I remembered all the years growing up on the farm with his guidance and support. I’m really not sure how much history about our family or information vanished as family members passed away. I felt it would be nice document my memories before I am no longer able to and thought you might enjoy stories from a small Vermont farming community.

I don’t plan to sit down and write a novel, but as I remember something from my past I will share it and how it affected my life.